Trusted Partners

Al-Fares Company believes that constructive cooperation contributes to building a promising future for its customers, so it is keen to choose successful partners who possess attributes that create new value and achieve sustainable growth in profits.

The company invests in developing its marketing and sales strategy, strengthening it, and forming ideal distribution operations for a variety of products. It consists of a sales team to cover the Saudi market and improve the interaction between the product and the consumer, to achieve the desired results in various aspects and increase distribution and sales.

With a diverse customer base, the company has an opportunity for growth and to work on strategies to expand market coverage, gain customer confidence, develop immediate response to customer patterns, sales movement, accuracy through sales volume statistics for both supply and demand, and compare market challenges. Measuring the results of campaigns and comparing them with the market challenges according to the geographical location will improve its programs and explore more opportunities to enhance the company’s position across all trade channels which include 600 wholesale customers, covering commercial and consumer markets, small groceries, hotels, restaurants and catering for more than 8000 disruption points.