Al-Fares Team

The executive management of Al-Fares Company has a strong team of sales and import experts, working with and supported by a variety of managers and employees who work with unrivaled enthusiasm and are dedicated to creating continuous and competitive value for the clients of the company. With a combined experience of 30 years in sales and marketing, our team works effectively to lead the company towards growth, success, and strong client partnerships.

Innovation and Development

Al-Fares Company is constantly expanding and developing in trading and investment by studying new sites for future investment projects to cover many areas throughout Saudi Arabia.

Innovation is one of the most important goals of Al-Fares Company, as it seeks to provide new innovative products that change the lifestyle for the better, carry out strategic plans, logistics operations, and a series of advanced systems with the highest international quality standards. The company also distributes them within its fleet throughout Saudi Arabia to provide its customers with solutions and options that support their needs daily, from importing products to reaching their customers.

Through its journey, the company was able to achieve advanced positions in the marketing and distribution of global food products, thanks to its commitment to international standards in the establishment of its warehouses, and its integrated team of salesmen and professionals with experience in preparing and implementing planning strategies and integrated logistics work.

In addition, the company continues in developing its operational and administrative systems, and raising levels of operating efficiency, which was reflected in the quality and diversity of products and raising the market share in the region. This made it maintain the growth of its production capacity that enabled it to achieve many achievements, and its commitment to developing integrated logistics services for its products.