Central Warehouse

As part of the company’s expansion plan, large warehouses were opened in 1958 following international standards in storage to achieve integration in Saudi Arabia, where they were designed according to the latest systems and standards of dry and cold storage, to maintain the quality and safety of products.

The warehouses extend over 100,000 square meters, including five warehouses in Saudi Arabia. Thus, the company provides its customers with integrated and seamless logistical solutions, using innovative technology, and relying on its skilled staff with diverse experience to ensure the quality of storage, as well as its application of efficiency standards.

The warehouses operate according to customers’ logistical needs and challenges, while maintaining the highest level of responsibility and security through a state-of-the-art system in managing the warehouse, unloading, sorting, packing, transportation, inventory control, and logistics, to meet the expectations of our current and future customers.

Al-Fares Company owns a huge fleet of refrigerated and dry trucks of 100 large, medium, and small sizes with tracking technologies to manage the distribution of products and raise the level of service provided to customers, supermarkets, wholesale, and restaurants.