Who We Are

Abdulaziz bin Hamad Al-Fares & Sons Trading Company was established in 1946 AD, and it is one of the largest companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in terms of economic activity and investment diversity, and one of the first companies specialized in the field of trade and import of the finest types of rice and international food products and the marketing and distribution of products

Where it opened its first headquarters in 1946 AD at the time in Jubail Governorate in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and worked in the marketing, distribution and trade of foodstuffs since its inception, to continue the march in expanding the scope of work and opening wholesale distribution points in the Kingdom, and the major turning point in the company’s march was in 1958 AD , where the number of its branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reached seven branches during its career, and thus

Al-Fares Company has become one of the most famous and leading companies in the food import and distribution sector
For more than 75 years and throughout its long career, Al-Fares Company has been interested in using all technologies and systems that enable it to maintain its leadership in the food trade sector.

Our Vision

Al-Fares Company is one of the first leading companies in the food trading industry in Saudi Arabia. It continues its expansion strategy and increases the numbers of its branches in the Kingdom following an integrated vision and interest in providing comprehensive services and healthy products with high nutritional value to all customers to achieve the best ratings in the level of customers satisfaction.

Our Mission

Al-Fares Company is committed to providing products with high nutritional value and excellent quality, which contributed to gaining a good reputation and customer trust, which is an integral part of the company’s policy and approach.

Our Values

The values of Al-Fares Company are the cornerstone of its business, and they are the principles that make up its corporate culture. Through these, all practices, directions and policies are designed to create value for every employee.

Since its inception, the founders have set one mission in mind, which is to contribute effectively to achieving sustainable food security in the Kingdom. The objective of its establishment is to support the trade sector, import food products and enhance food security in the Saudi market.


Al-Fares Company is committed to applying the highest standards of quality for food safety locally, regionally, and globally, which gained it certificates in the field of food safety and quality control.

Al-Fares Company is also committed to constantly providing the highest quality of products by following the latest and most efficient systems. Hiring the best human cadres using expertise also enhances the company’s unique competitive advantages, and develops its logistical operations, contributing to raising its quality levels to maintain its position in the food industry.